January 25, 2010

joyce & peter // love & the ranch house in san diego

Here's a much awaited post for monday. yay.
This was my last shoot [before my camera got stolen - but that's a story for another time...] but it had all my favorites lined up. J&P are two of my best buds in the whole wide world - it was a day after the rain (right after ben & andrea's shoot actually) so there were blue skies and just the right amount of breeze. And we finally got to the ranch house.
I had orginally wanted to go there with these two for a practice engagement session - before their wedding in august. As anticipated time flew by as they were planning their wedding and my fellow bridesmaids & i were planning joyce's bridal shower and before we knew it, there was no time left.

Yet things worked out. It's so fun shooting married couples because of the comfort level - especially with j&p. I was super privileged to be in their lives the year before they got engaged and of course, now that they are married, its much different. I still laugh when remember the first I saw them hold hands when we were at Disneyland about a month after Peter proposed. I couldn't have been happier for the piano playing man & the simple card making girl on the day of their wedding.
So this session turned into a time of celebrating this newer season for them (peter gets to be joyce's permanent roommate :D). When we were at The Ranch House, the afternoon was full of light, laughter and of course...love.

officially my favorite shot. ;)

I admit, I made them work a bit.

Pete's smiley face.

love this one. this is what they look like when we're all together most of the time. usually because peter is either 1) singing us a new song 2) busting the impromptu robot (my fave!!!)

Joyce's silly face.

so pretty together.

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