March 31, 2008


Metosh and Mates, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

Over the weekend, I started to think about my trip from last year to Czech Republic, and the trip that I will be taking this year :-).
I am really looking forward to visiting the church family that I had the opportunity to get to know last summer... and I realized how quickly kids grow. Last summer, some of our CZ friends Pavla and Marek were just about to have a baby. When we go in August, "baby" will be almost a year old already! This guy here, Metosh was two years old when I met him and its crazy to think of how big he will be when I see him and his sisters (as well as the Mellwig family - that is Mattias holding Metosh) in a few months. Honestly, children are near and dear to me, and photographing them is something I love - something so precious. There's a quote from the movie "Enchanted" that sums it up well:

Morgan (age 7): "But Daddy, I'm only seven years old!"
Robert: "Yeah, but you won't always be."

March 26, 2008

LBC Pride

Picture 424, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

March 25, 2008

McLau and KTse Part I //Mt, Soledad

In my humble opinion these two are a GREAT match.
I love hanging out with Mabel and Kevin....its so much fun! There's more to come.

March 24, 2008

Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

I headed to my hometown to have dinner with my parents last night, and got to show two of my good buddies my room. Becky said "Oh my goodness Court...this is high school." I laughed and glanced over at one of the walls. On it, is one of few treasures left in my "high school" room - a framed collage of different adventures with college friends at Disneyland. I smiled as I was filled with happy memories - including this one. Four of us were perched at the top of the Sunwheel at California adventures, and right before we started our descent down, I SAW this amazingness. I don't Anaheim had ever looked so beautiful before. San Diego is home now, but I still love Orange County!

March 21, 2008

The Glory of the Cross

Img-372, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

What wisdom once devised the plan
Where all our sin and pride
Was placed upon the perfect Lamb
Who suffered, bled, and died?
The wisdom of a Sovereign God
Whose greatness will be shown
When those who crucified Your Son
Rejoice around Your throne

And, oh, the glory of the cross
That You would send Your Son for us
I gladly count my life as loss
That I might come to know
The glory of, the glory of the cross


March 18, 2008

Moment of Victory

Picture 243, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

No one cheers more enthusiastically for our men during the Mission Bowl football tournament than Ribecca and Wury. They loyally stand on the sidelines, lead the cheers and call out advice to the guys on the field. We didn't do as well, score wise this mission bowl, in comparision to past years, but Rib and Wury were just as excited to see a touchdown being made.

March 17, 2008

Bye Claire!

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Claire's been in San Diego for a year but sadly, we had to say goodbye. Her amazing roommates Karen and Kaitlyn planned a sweet farewell for her. We will miss you at LBC... you are such a blessing, as a reminder to of us of God's amazing grace. I'm definitely be praying as you make your way back to Korea. :-)

March 14, 2008

Exciting Things to Come

Picture 116, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

Gal #1 (aka Grace) is getting married soon!
Gal #2 (aka McLau) is getting married in June!
Gal #3 (aka Mrs. Cho) is having a baby too. :)

March 8, 2008

The Wonderful Cross

The Wonderful Cross, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

There is nothing greater to hope in.

March 3, 2008


Picture 623, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

One second after I snapped this, she threw up her hands and said "No! Don't take my picture!" Grace, you're fast...but not fast enough! ;-)

March 1, 2008


Teresa, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

She's home for spring break!