October 28, 2008

Happy Times {a trip down memory lane.}

I admit that I've been spending a lot of time on flickR lately. Maybe too much. :P But as I have been going through stuff I realized that there are several images that I love but have had no home to post them in on my blog. So why not share them all together!

It's been such a compliment that people actually like the work that I do. But here's a little secret - I don't really view it as work. :) Of course it means a lot especially as some of my closest friends have been remarking on how much my work has improved in the past year. Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Mel @ the HK Museum of Science {Hong Kong 2005.}
I think this was the first photograph that I took where I was surprised by my creativity. I had just bought a brand new SD300 (my that's an old camera now) and I was taking pictures of everything...

Julie, Papa Beards in Hacienda Heights {2006.}

Kristin at Villa Sienna in Irvine {2006}.
My dear college roommate and I used to go on photo adventures all the time. Most of the time they would involve water and/or climbing because Kristin would always be looking for fountains to jump in. I would just take pictures of her playing. and we;d laugh about it later. Taking pictures back then was merely so that we had a record of the crazy things we did in college.

Whitney, University and Campus Drive {October 2004}
After my China adventures where i went buck wild with taking pictures, Whitney had to humor me multiple times with different "photo adventures" in Irvine. She has ALWAYS photographed better than I, and that's a really good thing.

Kristen's high school graduation {June 2006} & Syd's first time to La Jolla {Spring 2007}
Two of my four sisters...Kristen, who has always inspired me (as I just wrote so I won't bore you again). When my younger sisters were born (Aimee, Brianna and Sydney), it was THEIR cuteness that got me hooked on taking pictures of kids. Nowadays, child portraits are some of my favorite things to shoot.

Whit, at PV Camp {September 2005}

Leslie and the fab 5 visit {May 2007}
When the fab five came to visit, it was another creative milestone for me. Combine the fun, laughter, good conversations and memories with Lightroom and it was the start of finding my visual niche. Warm, happy with lots of light.

Lillian at Renaissance {Summer 2007}
It was Lil and her small group that gave me the first opportunity to start working on my shooting skills, not long after I purchased my Rebel XT. This was the funnest afternoon in La Jolla. Lil, we should do it again!

Joyce @ Le'Anna's birthday scavenger hunt {November 2005}
Along with Kristin, Whit, Joyce and Lyndsey are two other people who have survived my many "photo adventures" from my college days. Its like I should make them a girl scout badge for doing so.

Kathy, Singles Retreat {January 2008}
I've shared this photo before but this is still one of my favorites. She's so pretty. :)

Joyce, Singles Retreat {January 2008}
I can almost hear Joyce's laughter. Hi Joyce! {Who is probably reading my blog right now. ;)}

Mabel and Brenda, Camping in San Clemente {May 2008}
There was never an afternoon with such perfect light. This was the weekend I tried to used more bokeh (a.k.a. a super blurred background.) I'm hooked!

Sarah, English Camp {August 2008}
This is one of my favorite portraits of alllllllll time.

*Even though I delayed it by quite a few days, Mrs. Christie Gilmore is the winner of my little giveaway. She was the first person to email me at courtlynn.photography@gmail.com with what inspires her: similar to my story, Christie has always been inspired by her grandfather and dad who always captured their family memories. She's pretty use to being in front of the camera (I have to admit that she and I definitely hit up photomakers and those other asian photobooth places more than once in our middle school years) but now instead of just being in front of the camera (she is also married to a wedding photographer :]) she's starting to get behind it. Her work is quite pretty and I look forward to getting together. Congrats Chris!

October 22, 2008

All in the Family

One of the biggest artistic influences and inspirations in my life is actually my sister. If you compliment me on an outfit I either borrowed it from her ever expanding closet or was inspired by something I saw her try. Though I have always been the one obsessed with cameras and film, the minute my sister starting creating and posting on Flickr, I was blown away by the way she sees things and how she is able to convey that to the rest of the world. That is exactly why I had her by my side the first time I shot a wedding.

I would not hesitate to say that she may be the artistic innovative one between the two of us. Its a blessing to see this talent and know that it runs in our blood - our grandfather, the photographer, was constantly capturing lovely portraits of our family. I used to spend hours gazing upon the wall with tiny and large frames alike, each with a different moment in the lives of our family not just because they were familiar faces, but because they were beautiful photographs. From baby pictures to wedding portraits, it was all there, thanks to Grandpa. Who also passed on the gene to my cousin Eric, who is a wedding photographer in Iowa. :)

My sister also caught the streak of creativity in fashion from our grandmother. She takes things that she sees and makes them her own. She's not afraid to take risks.

And the girl knows how to work the camera. These are "test shots" from Alex & Stephanie's wedding. They say so little and so much about my dear sister.

In recognition of the inspiration that my sister gives me daily, i'm having a little giveaway. I want to put these creative juices to good use (as well as find out who EXACTLY is reading my blog) I am giving away a 1 hour family portrait package to the first person who emails me at courtlynn.photography@gmail.com and shares briefly about what inspires them to do what they do...whether its art, soccer, engineering, cooking i want to know what fuels your passion!

I will announce the winner and their response on my blog at the end of the week.
The stipulations for prize winners are as follows:
- Package includes an 8x10 print and a copy of high-res negatives
- Session must take place by December 31, 2008
- Session can take place anywhere in Southern California
- Family Portrait session includes newly-wed couples (you are your own family now) and does not have to be used by the winner...it can be conveniently given as a gift upon approval by photographer. (That's me!)

So since I'm fairly positive that there are about 4 people reading my blog, this could be a VERY easy giveaway. Hopefully I won't have to make something up! :P I look forward to hearing from you!

October 20, 2008

Michelle & Kev's Wedding // Napa, California

Even though I was a guest to the wedding of a beloved childhood friend and a dear girlfriend, I had the best of both worlds by getting to take the engagement photos of Michelle and Kev (you can see their session here!)

It was my first time in Napa and I was traveling alone for the most part. Running late to the worked in my favor...I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time as the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids were heading up to the stairwell that they would walk down at the start of the ceremony. I love the color contrast of the navy blue dresses and pink bouquet! Congratulations to Kevin and Michelle. I love you guys!


October 18, 2008

Alex & Stephanie's Wedding // Diamond Bar

Weddings are a time of celebrating the love of two people and their promise to love and serve one another for the rest of their lives. One thing that really left an impression upon me from Alex & Stephanie's wedding was that it wasn't a day ALL about them and what they wanted to happen- it was a day for them to love and serve their families as they pledged their love and became their own family.

As I went home that night, I was really challenged to consider how I love my family more. Their wedding day was a double blessing because it gave me a great opportunity to work alongside my sister. She's incredibly gifted in the arts and I really enjoyed hearing her ideas as we pulled together our sister act to capture all the moments.

Thanks Alex and Steph, for letting me be there to witness the joy, the tears and the celebration with those closest to you.

As usual, my optimism came a day early...but here are some favorites from their big day.

All of Stephanie's bling. {Courtesy of Kristen Chow.}

The first look. :)

Seriously one of the cutest flowergirls i've ever ever seen.

Praying before the ceremony.

October 16, 2008

One More Sneak Peak... S&A

I am going to ambitiously hope to post more of Stephanie & Alex' wedding tomorrow, but here are two more images to hold you over.

October 9, 2008


Bride, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

Steph and Alex have been suuuuuuuuuuuuper patient with me but I just wanted to post this sneak peak of what's to come...

I have to give a huge, huge thanks to S & A for give me a chance and asking me to be there on their big day. I'll be blogging more on their wedding tomorrow.

...but the big announcement is that I am now available to shoot weddings!

I've heard so many times that you don't remember everything about your wedding day and I think that's sad.... but I would consider it a privilage to be the eyes that capture everything for you.

If you're interested, please email me at courtlynn.photography@gmail.com. As of now, I am only available for one wedding each month so contact me for availability.

October 7, 2008

Fall is almost hereeeeee...

I found this on flickr and thought it was so pretty...
Fall is not here yet. :), originally uploaded by Single Malt.

and here is a photo that popped into my email inbox via Hanka:

I love it...because its a moment frozen in time, because its my cz family, and because it means that Johannes has officially left for Bible college. I wish I was in Ostrava riiiiiight now.

but don't worry a big blog post is coming tomorrow!

October 3, 2008

That time of year

That time of year, originally uploaded by thomasstache.

I'm ready for sweaters, scarfs, hot apple cider, and breezy autumn afternoons.

October 2, 2008

Ashley's Bridal Shower // 4S Ranch

Ash is getting married in 2 weekends (!!) and she had a lovely bridal shower by her creative bridesmaids. Of all the showers I've ever been to, this hands down was my favorite. The M-O-H had homemade shabby-chic//country kitchen/ down to the last detail. I wanted to take pictures of everything because it was so...pretty. :)
Congratulations Ashley...you're going to make a wonderful wife!

Handmade, of course. :)

The beautiful bride-to-be

Proof that I was there. :)