February 8, 2011

Jane of All Trades {a reflection.}

Today, I was curious. I really wanted to know if anyone out there was reading this. Well aside from my best friend and my sister.

Surprised to find out that I have 73 subscribers. I'm assuming the number is more like 72, because most likely I'm #1. The reason I was so curious is because for the first time, I seriously considered pulling the plug on this blog. I've changed a lot since I started it in 2007 and the reason I was blogging have too. Somewhere in never-neverland, I think I believed that one day, I really could have a fullfledged photography business. I remember being so passionate about it when trying to convince my mom that leaving my full time job wasn't a bad move. She put her foot down and said that I didn't have to stay at my current job but I didn't have enough of anything (experience, money, business saavy) to run a business.

It's not a bad thing that she was right. I never did get to that point and even more surprisingly, I got past wanting to do photography 24/7. I realized how much I would miss out in the lives around me and how limited I would be in being available at church. 

Plus, other hobbies of mine were burgeoning.
I have a lot of hobbies.

Not quite sure how this happened, but I ended up doing Eileen's hair for Hanna and James's wedding. Well her and two other bridesmaids. Annnnnd many other bridesmaids over the past year.

I started experimenting with silk flowers and hair combs and then people started asking me to make them for fancy schmance hairpieces. You'll remember that season as my GreenTea & Ivy venture.

Then I got the amazing opportunity to work with REAL flowers and made a few bouquets for weddings. It's crazy. Waking up early, staying up super late. Toting buckets, worrying about temperature, wrapping and unwrapping...and I absolutely loved it.

Flowers from the Ko wedding.

Maria's bridesmaids bouquets

Maria's bouquet {photo credit: Cathie}

Alterpieces for Kev and Chels' wedding
(Totally yoinked this off Kev's facebook. Photocredit goes to Kiki Honda)

Kev's bout, Chel's bouquet and a snippet of what the bridesmaid's carried
{Photo credit: Kristin Chan}

I've done decorating for weddings. 

{Carol dared to dream and I just had to find a way to make her vision a reality. The results were PRECISE. Photo credit goes to her wedding photographer, Brandon Kidd.}

With the need to do my own makeup for a wedding over the summer, and a bit of encouragement and a lesson or two from the amazing Stephanie Yu, I started playing around with makeup. 
My gal pals allowed me the luxury of a makeup flurry while I did 4 of them before a fun photoshoot we did with Hannah Michelle. 

{photo credit: Hannah Michelle}

Kristin's wedding - I did my own make up! I was so proud. :) And I also did Sabrina's hair and make up. 

Then Karen asked me to do her makeup for her wedding.
Oh yes, and her four bridesmaids too. Whaaaat?

{Photo credit: Dan Baker}

I've enjoyed every moment of getting to use these hands to help other people in a myriad of ways.
And I don't know how to describe it, but somewhere along the way of flowers, lace, engagement shoots, hair combs and lipstick, photography stopped being fun. Other people seemed much more excited about learning and doing things with their cameras where as I felt chained down by having to carry mine with me. I would do sessions for people and they were fun...but I felt uneasy like I was going to let them down and not produce what they were hoping for. It felt like a lot of people were doing what I had dreamed of once doing, and much faster and better than I am. I would look at my shots and they...didn't feel special anymore. And I admit, blogging wasn't very fun because I had no idea if anyone was out there reading. {The proof is in the comments. :/}
I don't quite know what to do with that.

So, I'm still sorting things out. About once a day I think of the other directions this blog could go. And I can't believe I'm putting it out there. So for the 72 of you, Happenstance will still be around...and thanks for your patience with the lack of creativity. :)

February 3, 2011

In the Blink of An Eye {Tim & Karissa's Wedding}

I remember....K and I were in fourth grade and she told me she wasn't allowed to play basketball. I probably rolled my eyes in disgust and tried to find someone less girly and frail
to roam around summer camp with.

We blinked. Next came countless exchanges of letters, nicknames for our crushes, sleepovers.
We always giggled at the thought of Karissa dating and who could
possibly be brave enough to face her brothers. 
Somewhere along came basketball practice.
She is still the best sub on the basketball court that I ever could have. 

And yes, Karissa became MUCH MORE of a baller than I did.
High school came and went. Varsity basketball for her, yearbook and choir for me. 
We still giggled because really, who could win over her gorgeous face and loving heart?

Another blink and a blip of time....
Finds her in her blue and gold glory. Truly, a ridin' high Bruin at UCLA.
I make my nest in Irvine at UCI, yet we ALWAYS had time for Disneyland. 
And then we heard that Karissa had a BOYFRIEND.
As in a real live, dating boyfriend.
Just a few years later came a ring.

Double wink. 
We are all growing up so fast. 
And here we are. 
In N'Out, Portos and Shaved Ice. 
Oh yes....and Karissa & Tim. 
The BEST summer wedding food and totally gorgeous couple.

 Somewhere along the lines her college buddies would become beloved Lighthouse sisters of mine. 

She was just as dreamy as every Disney princess we ever admired

AWESOME shaved ice truck.

 The Newlyweds. :)

 MORE newlyweds. :)

Somehow, the simple decorations fit their Disneyland theme perfectly..