February 3, 2011

In the Blink of An Eye {Tim & Karissa's Wedding}

I remember....K and I were in fourth grade and she told me she wasn't allowed to play basketball. I probably rolled my eyes in disgust and tried to find someone less girly and frail
to roam around summer camp with.

We blinked. Next came countless exchanges of letters, nicknames for our crushes, sleepovers.
We always giggled at the thought of Karissa dating and who could
possibly be brave enough to face her brothers. 
Somewhere along came basketball practice.
She is still the best sub on the basketball court that I ever could have. 

And yes, Karissa became MUCH MORE of a baller than I did.
High school came and went. Varsity basketball for her, yearbook and choir for me. 
We still giggled because really, who could win over her gorgeous face and loving heart?

Another blink and a blip of time....
Finds her in her blue and gold glory. Truly, a ridin' high Bruin at UCLA.
I make my nest in Irvine at UCI, yet we ALWAYS had time for Disneyland. 
And then we heard that Karissa had a BOYFRIEND.
As in a real live, dating boyfriend.
Just a few years later came a ring.

Double wink. 
We are all growing up so fast. 
And here we are. 
In N'Out, Portos and Shaved Ice. 
Oh yes....and Karissa & Tim. 
The BEST summer wedding food and totally gorgeous couple.

 Somewhere along the lines her college buddies would become beloved Lighthouse sisters of mine. 

She was just as dreamy as every Disney princess we ever admired

AWESOME shaved ice truck.

 The Newlyweds. :)

 MORE newlyweds. :)

Somehow, the simple decorations fit their Disneyland theme perfectly..

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