February 3, 2010

Yes another, Disneyland post

In this fast pace world, going to disneyland has turned into a race for efficiency - to get the most bang for the buck. Slightly challenged by that and the fact that this trip was for my extended family more than for me, I tried to see Disneyland like I was a kid again. Stop and notice the things I usually brush by when Baywood blazes onto the most exciting things in the park. It helped that I had my new camera lens with me and I was totally inspired to see things differently.

Daddy & Mommy dearest. :)

Jungle Cruise

View of the Blue Bayou (I want to eat there someday!)

Obligatory adorable picture of the girls. <3 br="">
Annika's first time driving Autopia

Playing Lego Rockband in Innoventions

Wanted to remember Star Tours v.1 before the starspeeders go down in October.
(Star Tours v.II is coming in 2011!)

Toontown Bandits.

Jump Jive & Wailin'

Unfortunately I'm not one of the cool kids with a polaroid camera (that would be my sister - who actually has 3 0f them)...would you think less of me if I told I used Poladroid to make all these new memories look aged? ;) But isn't it FUN?

However one of my FAVORITE blogs, Creature Comforts has an awesome giveaway going on, thanks to Photojojo. They are giving away a new Fuji Instax - which is kind of like Polaroid for the new decade. I would love to get my hands on one, so I entered their contest. I would tell you NOT to enter (it could decrease my chances) but wouldn't it be awesome to have one of these babies?

Part II of Disneyland 2010 coming soon!

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