February 25, 2010

bringing two into the world

February2010 is ready to wrap up and i realize that I did SO much this month.
so much but I enjoyed the fact that this week felt like smooth sailing...

i had 4 hour engagement shoot last week and fulfilled my biggest greentea & ivy order to date {60 individually different pins & clips!}

But the week before that I went through a process that felt a bit like i had brought two new babies into this world. I guess in a way, i kind of did...

{the creative process for Shin-Yu wedding}

While i had introduced greentea & ivy via my blog, I got incredible feedback for my 6 individual pieces for stephanie's bridesmaids. It meant so much to me that people were genuinely impressed by my handiwork - ESPECIALLY the bridesmaids. I was a bit nervous about how they would be received because these gals really didn't have much input in the design. Steph sent me a photo of what she wanted and after a short interview, I clarified the colors and feel that they could have. I never wanted to create 6 identical combs and i'm thankful that Steph gave me the freedom to use my judgement. It was fortunate that I had knew all of her bridesmaids - the first evening was spent reflecting on each bridesmaid, their sense of style & skin/hair tones and I jotted down my list of gals, what colors I would be using (lime green, white, gold and plum) and identifying the dominate color in each comb. Figuring out the angles of the comb in every which direction took the longest time but after I had finished #3 I had found my groove.

{the finished products, packaged & ready to go!}

I breathed a sigh of relief when Veronica (the GORGEOUS maid of honor) came up to me at the wedding and told me how much she liked it...followed by cindy and diane. {hi guys!} But the cherry on top of the cake and the most meaningful compliment came from my nearest and dearest, non-girly, no-frills naomi - when she said that she would even consider wearing her comb (the first one out of the bunch) AGAIN. Voluntarily. There really were no words to convey my surprise. :)

Veronica makes it look sooooooo good!

Naomi's best wedding look, in my humble opinion, to date.

I've decided against making an etsy site (at least for now), I was able to find another solution - I made a facebook fanpage for people to contact me and place custom orders. I've already had an incredible response {31 fans & counting} and two giveways. Become a fan on facebook if you want more greentea action.

My second baby wasn't something that I was really planning on doing right then and there in this month. I had thought about it numerous times over the past two years but my mom helped me conclude that it wasn't quite the right time.
Looking on back on everything that happened this year {still haven't written that post about my amazing birthday which tells the whole story...}, and in response to opportunities I've had to shoot, I thought I'd take a chance and make the leap...

and finally make my own website.

That's right...there is now OFFICIALLY a http://www.courtlynnphoto.com/

{a screenshot of the landing page}

Can I just tell you its terrifying at times? Worrying that others might think "What's this girl doin'? She's not a real photographer!!" was the first thought I kept battling as I was making it...
I had so many insecurities that I told people about it s l o w l y even after it went live.
But you know what....I'm gonna try it out. I'll see what happens and be ok with it! I'm gonna keep doing what I do.

So if you would be so inclined to check it out, {and see the shots that I love the most in one place} head over to http://www.courtlynnphoto.com/ and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend friends!

February 23, 2010

the sweetest thing

preceeding the celebration of mr. & mrs. mike & jen hasegawa...

matthias caleb hoshi made his way into the world,

{totally yoinked from cyn's email & facebook}

and made some specific 7 aunties very happy.

auntie no-no will tell you stories about the embarrasing things your mom & dad did when they were younger.
auntie jules will sew you a quilt or pillow or something else crafty for every birthday.
auntie ames will make the craziest faces at you...and you WILL laugh. even when you are 21.
auntie stacie will dance around the living room with you. and probably dance circles around you for the first few years.
auntie liz & auntie marisa are already planning on when they're going to take you to disneyland for the first time.
and this auntie? will, she will probably put pictures of you all over the place (the ones that your mom&dad send as well as the numerous photos that i'm sure i will take) to document how you grow.
We love you already!

February 21, 2010


Jen's Bridal Shower, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

I was so proud of her after she gave a speech honoring Jen at the wedding on saturday. :)

February 17, 2010

The Most Beautiful Girl....

is a beloved sister & daughter...

loves, trusts & fears the Lord...

even though she has a gorgeous smile...(which my big brother LOVES)

[I love her laugh even more :) ...]

...was one of the first sisters I came to love & learn from @ Lighthouse

...and is not only having a BIRTHDAY today, 
but a wedding this weekend!
I love you JJ, and am so thankful for your life. :)

February 10, 2010

happy birthday jacob!

So honored to be a part of the action of JJ's first birthday in the Fall! His gorgeous mom was my last small group leader before i jumped over to work with the college students and I remember with great joy the months that we got to spend with her before Jacob came into the world.

I am so encouraged by how Jocelyn & Jeff love and care for their son. I am praying that he goes up into a man who loves the Lord, just like his parents. : )

Auntie Jenny & Auntie Emily went ALL out and made each one of this sports themed cupcakes!

After we sang happy birthday, JJ got to choose which sport he is going to be an all-star in... but choosing between his cupcakes. I think he went for baseball.

J and the beautiful ladies in his life. :)

February 8, 2010

more green tea & ivy adventures

a lot of people saw the absolute MADNESS at my house the past two weeks, but few know why...

the mission: create 6 different pieces for Stephanie+Tim's wedding.

i'll post the completed mission later this week...but here's a sneakpeak for now. :)

P.S. For more news and photos, and what is currently for sale, you can become a fan of greentea & ivy on facebook!