February 23, 2010

the sweetest thing

preceeding the celebration of mr. & mrs. mike & jen hasegawa...

matthias caleb hoshi made his way into the world,

{totally yoinked from cyn's email & facebook}

and made some specific 7 aunties very happy.

auntie no-no will tell you stories about the embarrasing things your mom & dad did when they were younger.
auntie jules will sew you a quilt or pillow or something else crafty for every birthday.
auntie ames will make the craziest faces at you...and you WILL laugh. even when you are 21.
auntie stacie will dance around the living room with you. and probably dance circles around you for the first few years.
auntie liz & auntie marisa are already planning on when they're going to take you to disneyland for the first time.
and this auntie? will, she will probably put pictures of you all over the place (the ones that your mom&dad send as well as the numerous photos that i'm sure i will take) to document how you grow.
We love you already!

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