March 28, 2011

you & i together

Wury & Garrett are getting married, 
and everyone knows it. 

They are in love, 
and everyone knows it. 

They love to be together, 
and everyone knows it. 

They belong together, 
and I think by now, we all know it. 

March 24, 2011

frilly willy

It's a really good feeling when you make something with your own hands and you can't believe that you made it. It's been a while since I had made any combs (not since Carol's wedding) but I had these really fluffy ivory flowers attached to a long stem (kind of like a freesia or a hollyhock, but not quite...maybe even a lisanthus). They were just so pretty that I was inspired. It's kind of embarrasing to admit that sometimes I'll look at both of these pieces for long periods of time and think "WOW. I made that and I REALLY LIKE IT. REALLY like it."

I know its not quite for everyday, but I'm still hoping that some brides will come along and sweep them away. Thought I might be sad to say farewell as I wrap it up and take it to the post office. I can just see it now.

 {ellie dream}                                               {marry me juliet}

{marry me juliet}

Both are available in my etsy shop:
{and if you message me with this blog post, I'll even give you a free shipping code!}

March 23, 2011

bonded for life

{my dear C is headed to Socal to see her bff get married this weekend.
I snagged C&T's rings when I was hanging out at their house while they were doing dishes. So encouraging to hear about how marriage is a blessing.}

March 20, 2011

Channeling Julia

It started with watching Julie and Julia.
So I tried. I really did. Inspired by Most Likely Late, I just needed to have a taste of Beef Bourguignon.

Not sure what inspired me to go to the store to buy an actual dutch oven and put in the 3+ hours of effort for one dish. It took that long to cook everything.

But hey, I tried. 

And it wasn't bad, at all. This was shocking to me.
My foodie roommate actually enjoyed it! (Love ya Kim. :D)

{Used this recipe: The Barefoot Contessa's Company Pot roast;
Substituted apple juice for brandy.}

Bon App├ętit!

March 15, 2011

looks like rain

{regina in san francisco}
Christopher Robin! I think it would help with this deception if you would just kind of open your umbrella and say, "Tut-tut, it looks like rain."
-Winnie the Pooh

{And for those with troubles much more significant than just a few drops of rain. Please be praying for Japan! My thoughts are with you, Lynds, Kari & Jess!}

March 14, 2011

a million places at once

I had a very busy weekend....lots of little projects that I'd alluded to early this week.  But its an amazing feeling to be so productive. Not to mention less maddening to lay in bed and have less on my mind.

Well, the biggest project I worked on was opening an Etsy shop! I had a lot of mixed feelings about it over the past year even though I had the amazing opportunities to work on projects for both Steph and Carol.

I received some very timely encouragement (a big hug goes out to Cathie Hong) so I decided to make the jump and just give it a shot. Spent some time this weekend designing some BRAND NEW pieces.  I have added them to the shop so please check it out. If you have request for a custom item, please let me know. :)

Thank you so much for your support. <3

March 10, 2011

sparks fly.

After a longer than planned hiatus, I unexpectedly was inspired again.
I think it was just this week, but i'm not quite sure.
It just sparked something in my heart again.
And suddenly my hands are itching to go venture somewhere and shoot.
I have been wanting to keep awake all crazy hours of the night in order to craft. 

I'm excited. 
Oh yes, and visit my friend Moon, who makes things.
Soon enough you're going to see what we'll be making together. 

Good stuff. It is coming.