March 24, 2011

frilly willy

It's a really good feeling when you make something with your own hands and you can't believe that you made it. It's been a while since I had made any combs (not since Carol's wedding) but I had these really fluffy ivory flowers attached to a long stem (kind of like a freesia or a hollyhock, but not quite...maybe even a lisanthus). They were just so pretty that I was inspired. It's kind of embarrasing to admit that sometimes I'll look at both of these pieces for long periods of time and think "WOW. I made that and I REALLY LIKE IT. REALLY like it."

I know its not quite for everyday, but I'm still hoping that some brides will come along and sweep them away. Thought I might be sad to say farewell as I wrap it up and take it to the post office. I can just see it now.

 {ellie dream}                                               {marry me juliet}

{marry me juliet}

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