July 28, 2011

You Can't Hurry Love {Becky & Ted's engagement}

This is one story that I'm not quite sure how to start....about my best friends, Becky and Ted. 

All week I've been trying to figure out just what to say in my speech at their wedding on Saturday. Do I talk about how far God has brought our friendship, from being frenemies to confidants that know the deeper and darker struggles of our hearts? Do I talk about how God worked miracles by keeping them together through all they went through during dating, almost engagement, to finally having the proposal and now their wedding? Perhaps I should mention all the crazy times that she and I have been through? I thought about talking about the day when Becky told me that Ted had asked her to pursue a relationship and how I barely got in the car before tearing up because I was afraid that I was going to lose my best friend? The fact they are moving up to San Jose after the wedding and once again being close by wouldn't be a bad thing to mention as well, as I promise to cheer them on in their marriage. 

Those would all make great speeches (and I think i've written pieces in my head over the past 2 years that they've been together).... and to be honest I'm still not quite sure how its going to all flush out but there is one thing that has been really clear. God has perfect timing in bringing them together, taking them through everything and sustaining them beyond their wedding day. 

And I'm so happy that I get to be there for all of it. :) 

July 25, 2011

Life in The Yay Area: Monterey Bay

It's been about a year since I moved to Northern California. Honestly, I've loved it so far. I realized that there have been a few day trips and adventures I've taken that I've yet to share. This will be short series on where and I've been and who I went with!

Naomi and Becky COMPLETELY surprised me by coming up from San Diego to take Joyce and I out on an hoo-ha in October. (You might remember our last trip was to Tennessee). Joyce was in on the planning and refused to give me any details and just told me to make myself available. It was a super sweet trip to Monterey for two days. Of course memories were made, (that could go without saying) but what made it even sweeter is that this ended up being our last trip before Becky got engaged (and hence started wedding planning like a mad women) and we would find out a few months later that Joyce was going to have a baby!

 Getting all ready to leave the safety of Cupertino. :)

Pit stop in Gilroy for BBQ in Gilroy!


Ready to see Monterey

This girl loves the animals. ALL of them. She is pointing to her new friend, the sea lion.

{Checking out some boats....this is when the infamous boat video from Becky's bridal shower was filmed.)
Deciding where to eat lunch was a fun ordeal. We sampled clam chowder from each and every restaurant on the pier. After taking into account where we could get the biggest discount, we finally decided. :)

They even let me order my favorite: oysters!

Starting the 17 mile drive. SO BEAUTIFUL. 

 Carmel by the Sea

Frisbee on the beach. This might be the fourth or fifth different beach that we've played on. :)

Lounging in front of Jane Austen at Home in Downtown Carmel. 
Not surprisingly, I am however, the main Jane Austen fan in the group.

Last stop: Back home for some Willow Glen Ice Cream!

You might have been able to tell from the last few posts that this week is going to be a big one for all of us...Becky is getting married and Joyce is set to deliver ANY DAY NOW. Not that the fun trips have to stop (Naomi and Becky went on their last hoo-hah in Big Bear with Becks as a single woman a few weeks ago while Joyce and I spent the day in Half Moon Bay just last weekend) but it's CRAZY to take in the fact that a slew of brand new season of life is just about to happen. As Joyce enters parenthood for the first time and Becky becomes a married woman, I excitedly anticipate the adventures that are to come. : )