March 31, 2010

practice makes perfect

I'm just about caught up with posting most all of the projects on my plate from early winter, there should be no more 4-5 month delays in blogging!

But an idea that I've been challenged with recently is to shoot more for myself. Not being selfish, mind you, but being more intentional in shooting when I don't have to and allowing my creative to develop. With the heavy intake of blogs that I read daily, its so easy to get discouraged by how AWESOME everyone else seems to be and how wah-wah I am as a photographer. That's what I'm gonna try to do while I'm here in Tennessee...just practice thinking outside the box.

I did manage to have one day in the past months when I took some photos...just because I wanted to. I had a yummy brunch with two of my favorite sisters (jen & caro - you've been seeing a lot of them on this blog lately :D....because I love them) to celebrate caroline's birthday. I love Cafe 222 - if you're ever in SD, be sure to stop by! They give you free coffee while you wait for a table. :D

Made of teacups and spoons! I think i took about 10 shots of it.


March 29, 2010

my usual getaway...

...consists of an iced chai latte, books, the nutcracker soundtrack, madeleines and of course the perfect little cofffeeshop when I can't quite leave San Diego.
But I'm actually on my way to Tennessee right now for a REAL getaway. I'll be showing you the Smoky Mountains sometime this week!

March 28, 2010

maria & alex {a preview}

... a preview from a shoot last weekend.
I couldn't resist sharing.

(I know some of you got a extra early preview earlier this week. Sorry for the triple post!)


yesterday, my big sis Angel got married.
And she was a stunning bride. radiant. lovely. SO happy.
(this is straight out of the camera. no post processing!)

I just had to share.

March 25, 2010

OH boy....KJ's Baby shower {Cerritos}

i'm super blessed to have some near lifelong buddies back up in LA/OC, where I grew up. I definitely track life through everything that happens with them... proms, graduation, engagement, marriage...and now, BABIES. :) it seems like chelle and kev have been together forever (you might remember their engagement session in La Jolla and wedding in Napa Valley) and I know that Matthias has been blessed with loving parents...and tons of adoring aunties & uncles!

Our pros at wedding planning ME & Serendipity rallied the girls to celebrate Matthias' due date...We pulled together a circus themed baby shower and we all pitched in on different areas - decor, food, games, favors. I of course, was delegated photography. :) I tried a little different type of processing, to capture the whimsical and lively spirit of being under the big top.

The proud mama to be (and one half of ME & Serendipity)

Party favors! Circus Animals, of course - Chelle's favorite snack - Cracker jacks!

The soon to be Grandma (known to us as Auntie Bev). :D

The Gilmores couldn't be with us this day, but I LOVED the DIY packaging of their gift.
Crafty Christie knows it's always a good day for bunting.

Garr and Kev...Best buds since elementary school.
I think we're all hoping that C&G give Matthias a best friend soon. ;)

The proud papa-to-be and his proud dad, Uncle Dan

Cyn gave Matthias a copy of her favorite children's book
(I remember her reading it to me when we were in college!)

Everyone filled out a card with their wishes for Matthias.

A parting shot of the gals. :)

March 18, 2010

O BOY {...a preview}

The circus is in town...

which reminded me of Kevin and  Michelle's baby shower for KJ!

March 17, 2010

wrong again.

{all photos by james lim}

On saturday, I said I'd be playing in my last mission bowl. ever.

Now its Tuesday...
My body is still aching, bruises still throbbing and I haven't slept soundly in 3 days.

But I think I'd do it all over again.
{Maybe I'll consider retirement after next season.}