March 31, 2010

practice makes perfect

I'm just about caught up with posting most all of the projects on my plate from early winter, there should be no more 4-5 month delays in blogging!

But an idea that I've been challenged with recently is to shoot more for myself. Not being selfish, mind you, but being more intentional in shooting when I don't have to and allowing my creative to develop. With the heavy intake of blogs that I read daily, its so easy to get discouraged by how AWESOME everyone else seems to be and how wah-wah I am as a photographer. That's what I'm gonna try to do while I'm here in Tennessee...just practice thinking outside the box.

I did manage to have one day in the past months when I took some photos...just because I wanted to. I had a yummy brunch with two of my favorite sisters (jen & caro - you've been seeing a lot of them on this blog lately :D....because I love them) to celebrate caroline's birthday. I love Cafe 222 - if you're ever in SD, be sure to stop by! They give you free coffee while you wait for a table. :D

Made of teacups and spoons! I think i took about 10 shots of it.


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Anonymous said...

i love that cafe! and miss it :(