March 15, 2010

Office Hours with Professor Jen {San Diego}

The bridal shower for Jen Shin (a high school english teacher) was one of the cutest bridal showers I had ever been to.... incorporating her love for literature, tea, anthropologie, handmade decorations and good friends, the bridesmaids brewed the perfect blend for a lovely afternoon.

The invitation...later was inspiration for their wedding programs.

An A+ in putting together the perfect tablescape

The bridesmaids were fearful of bad weather after having storms ALL WEEK. It cleared up perfectly.

Brown paper packages, tied up with string :)

Enjoying the games

The blushing bride to be and her maid of honor

Professor Jen at her "desk"

Some encouragement from the married ladies

Prayer requests were listed in bookmarks included with the invitation

Bridesmaids and the groom's momma

Jen & her momma
Beautiful hardworking bridesmaids!

I stayed until the end....I just had to see Jen open her gift from me and a group of ladies...

So excited to have added to her library!

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