May 28, 2008

Westside Wedding

I don't think this is an impressive picture when taken out of context but that moment me and my buddies had just finished having lunch before Jer & Ser's wedding and were about to cross the street when suddenly a mass of (REALLY good looking people) started coming down the sidewalk on our right side. It was the sharpest looking set of groomsmen and beautiful bridesmaids.

May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

So what did I end up doing on an impossibly OPEN weekend? (No meetings! No reading! No plans!)

That's right. Getting back in touch with some "old friends"- not to mention my bookyworm self. A whole weekend of reading...what a treat! :)

May 24, 2008

EveryDAY people

Most people know by now that my favorite shots are people just being themselves - so of course special gatherings such as bridal showers are always so much fun for me. I have toooooooooons of stuff to edit but as I finished Grace's bridal shower, I was reminded again how lovely my friends are. No would mistake these ladies for supermodels...but no one would deny their subtle beauty. Again and again.

May 20, 2008

Sunset in Czech

Sunset in Czech, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

Feels like the sun is setting on several things in my life. I'm waiting for the sun to rise on something new.

May 19, 2008


Overcome, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

May 9, 2008

Nothing taken for Granted

Torrey Pines

Today is Stephanie's birthday, but these pictures are actually from March. For one reason or another I didn't think that I would ever edit these photos from the last time we had one of our play dates. On a Friday afternoon I picked her up and said we were going to go on an adventure. Those days have been few and far between since then because of the busyness and lessons of life. Sadly, there are not many days like this left either, since she'll be moving from San Diego. Reflecting on God's grace to us in allowing us to have the time together that we did, was what led me to sit down at my computer and strive to create something that conveyed our friendship. An hour and a half later, I surveyed my photographs and was satisfied. I could see us.

Thank you Lord, for Stephanie, for our friendship, for the lessons, and the precious time we've had together. And thank you for hoping in the future.

Simple statement about our friendship.

This may be my favorite picture that I've ever taken of Stephanie.
It says so much about her...especially things that people may not know just by looking at her.

This is Steph, as most people see her. Happy, joyful and laughing.

We tried to not laugh as this couple walked past but she couldn't help but chuckle when I took a picture of them.

One of my favorite photos of both of us. Yes, both of us. Look closer.

May 1, 2008

Wury in Wonderland

Just beyond an ivy covered wall...

I found an unexpected corner of the world full of wonder (A cottage that was converted into an office building but still held all of its quaint charm.)

And there was a girl who fell right into the middle of it all.

I just felt like telling the story that unfolded in my crazy head as a bunch of us spent a morning in downtown La Jolla. The plan was just to shoot as much as we wanted to for an hour or so. Of course inspiration struck in the last 20 minutes I had....nevertheless I was SUPER excited as my mind finally honed in on something worth telling.

...this was the picture that actually started the story. Wury happened to walk by a wall covered in vines and I stopped her. All I could think was "Alice in Wonderland". I'm not sure if it was the scene where the Queen Hearts playing croquette with Alice that came to mind but when Wury stood in front this massive wall of green, she looked so little. And with all this greenery (my favorite color), it was wonderFUL. :)