May 1, 2008

Wury in Wonderland

Just beyond an ivy covered wall...

I found an unexpected corner of the world full of wonder (A cottage that was converted into an office building but still held all of its quaint charm.)

And there was a girl who fell right into the middle of it all.

I just felt like telling the story that unfolded in my crazy head as a bunch of us spent a morning in downtown La Jolla. The plan was just to shoot as much as we wanted to for an hour or so. Of course inspiration struck in the last 20 minutes I had....nevertheless I was SUPER excited as my mind finally honed in on something worth telling.

...this was the picture that actually started the story. Wury happened to walk by a wall covered in vines and I stopped her. All I could think was "Alice in Wonderland". I'm not sure if it was the scene where the Queen Hearts playing croquette with Alice that came to mind but when Wury stood in front this massive wall of green, she looked so little. And with all this greenery (my favorite color), it was wonderFUL. :)


hayruw said...

haha. :) awww courtney! i love you! i liked the one where i'm laying in the grass and my hair just happened to catch the wind as i was laughing. haha. beautiful photography ms courtney.

grace park lee said...

i love that photo toooooooooo. wury in all greenery. so beautiful.