March 26, 2009

Things I Love Part VI: Having a GREAT seat at weddings!

I had the distinct privilage of being a guest at the February Lui/Woo wedding where my dear Jenny married her sweatheart, Tim in La Jolla.

It was a JOYOUS wedding because she is the first to marry of this club we (ok I) started freshmen year of college called "SCG" which I will NOW admit stands for Single Christian Girls. While it may sound like a dating service it was actually quite the opposite... it was a pact that a group of us girls from Mt. Hermon made that we were not going to date during our first year in college. In God's sovereignty, Jenny met Tim during her SECOND year of college. :) And they have been together since then.

I felt so blessed to be there, to celebrate with Jenny AND Tim's family as well - his older sister Tiff is another dear friend. Sadly the Lui's are now residing in Philly (soooo far away...not something I love), but I can't wait to see them again in April!

Not a photographer for this wedding...(but I did get to meet John Yao of SimplyTwo..he's awesome!)...but rather turned into an impromptu florist. I was rather proud of my handiwork. :)

The view from their reception at Admiral Baker's Clubhouse

A romantic waltz to Beauty and the Beast...I would say this is one of my favorite first dances of all time. Good job guys!

This is my favorite shot.

Toasts from both Jenny & Tim's sisters.

March 18, 2009

Things I Love Part V: Memories (@ mt. soldedad)

I've been spending a lot of time appreciating my g-frys lately. Those who are affectionately known as "the inner circle."
It's made me really appreciate them.

For Mabel's birthday last year, Kevin (then her fiancee now her husband) planned a scavenger hunt that we all got to go on which took us from la jolla, to mt. soledad to mira mesa.
It was one of the best days i had in 2008.

It's almost a year later. We're growing up, we're learnin' new things and struggling in different ways that I don't think we really anticipated.
But simply said, the memories are just as sweet.

Our adventure started at CPK.

Mt. Soledad always makes me think of Mabel.

Reading one of the clues (i've been really into this washed out look lately.)

Kevin bought her stems of the flowers that were going to be used in her bridal bouquet the following month.

Another clue.

At the end of our adventure.

March 5, 2009

Things I Love, Part II: My Roommates

By now, most people acquainted with me can pretty well anticipate that I will be taking pictures of them at some point. And no one more than my roommates.

I love our house (Baywood!!!) and I love my roommates. Seriously, God has blessed me so much through their friendship, their wisdom, their care, their fun (man...we have done some crazy things together), and of course their support.

One of best traditions (in my humble opinion) is going to dinner and exchanging Christmas gifts. Though we have very different schedules (well if you have a MD, a nurse and a teacher in one house, what else would you expect) this is the one day we know for sure that we're going to be all together. After heading to lunch at Pearl, we noticed a nice little duck pond behind the restaurant and naturally, we had a fun little photoshoot as well as opened presents. Aren't they lovely? I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, for right now.

Super yummy dimsum.

I was really into wearing flowers in my hair for some reason. Nice shot alice!

Alice...the newest member of Baywood

Joyce is our Baywood Nurse...the first one we go to with any injuries. Or surgeries. We have had our share of both.

Our genius doctor of radiology: Jess.

Ms. Naomi...5th grade teacher extraordinare.

Gift opening time!

this last shot was by accident! Alice was trying to take a picture of me, but couldn't figure something i took it from her and haphazardly aimed it at naomi - i didn't even look through the viewfinder. And out comes the next AE ad. :P

Thank you Baywood girls for being my models and for most days, being part of my inspiration!