March 18, 2009

Things I Love Part V: Memories (@ mt. soldedad)

I've been spending a lot of time appreciating my g-frys lately. Those who are affectionately known as "the inner circle."
It's made me really appreciate them.

For Mabel's birthday last year, Kevin (then her fiancee now her husband) planned a scavenger hunt that we all got to go on which took us from la jolla, to mt. soledad to mira mesa.
It was one of the best days i had in 2008.

It's almost a year later. We're growing up, we're learnin' new things and struggling in different ways that I don't think we really anticipated.
But simply said, the memories are just as sweet.

Our adventure started at CPK.

Mt. Soledad always makes me think of Mabel.

Reading one of the clues (i've been really into this washed out look lately.)

Kevin bought her stems of the flowers that were going to be used in her bridal bouquet the following month.

Another clue.

At the end of our adventure.

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