November 13, 2008

100 Days

I was exhausted by the time I headed out of the door. It had been a long day at work (my wednesdays usually go til 7:00 p.m.) yet it was far from over. At the exact moment I looked down at my cell to find a text message from Caroline asking me "What are you doing for dinner?" Her timing could not have been more perfect. I called her back to tell her that I had absolutely no plans.

When she asked me if I wanted to her dinner with her and Shelby I had to point out the obvious: "Are you sure? If we see each other tonight, that will be days in a row!"
To which Caro quickly replied "SO - we can go for a 100!"
That's the sweetness of dear friends. Who don't tremble at the thought of seeing you a 100 days in a row.

Shelbish and Caro

Usually these are the same friends who don't mind posing for photos in your backyard. These photos are from day #5.
So I don't know if we'll make it to 100 days, but its a lovely thought. :) I wouldn't mind spending 100 days with you either, Caro.

P.S. I'll see you tonight - a.k.a day #7. :)

November 11, 2008

I was super blessed to have a day off from work today (thank you Veterans who have served our country!) and I'm glad to say that it was not a wasted day.

I had a little extra time to prepare for small group tonight, so I got a little crafty. We are going to memorizing verses together - I thought this might be a good start to helping us out with that. It was a soothing afternoon. :)

November 3, 2008

A Little Getaway.

I was dying for an afternoon like this today.

A mahogany table, open window with a gust of seabreeze...Just me and a couple good friends - ones that smile, talk, and drink coffee (like Kat) and friends that let me write between their covers as I spill my thoughts.

November 1, 2008

Chasing Cars {travel stories}

I settled in and made myself comfortable in the backseat, fully content to just stare out the window after a long day of work. It was a treat in itself to be taken out to dinner by two dear friends, and i was planning on unwinding during the short ride. A small smile stretched across my face as I started to take in the colors of dusk - my favorite time of day. I reached into my bag and laughed to myself as I realized I had the perfect position to rest my camera lens on a curve of the Civic . It was all I needed to steady my hand enough to capture the colors of the sky, the lights flashing by and the moving cars.

"Click, click, click"... Ted could hear me snapping away in the backseat. He asked Becky what I was doing and I can imagine that she described my scrunched down position with my eye locked to the view finder of the camera. Simply taking pictures of the scenary. In typical Ted fashion he asked me "Do you always do that?"

My mind started whirling through my travels and several photographs popped up.

Again I smiled to myself.
"Hmmm, yeah. I guess I do."

Kristin's Toyota Corolla {Irvine, CA }

Iva's little Ford that could {Czech Republic}

Driving to Cindy & Darren's wedding in my Jeep Grand Cherokee {Burbank, CA}

Akemi's convertable {San Francisco, CA}

Mazda 5 {Davis, CA}

Mazda 5 {Napa Valley, CA}

Mom and Pop's GMC Yukon {Pasadena, CA}

Libor's car {Ostrava-Poroba}

Travel Bus {Czech Republic to Vienna}

Travel Bus {Czech Republic to Vienna}

Tim's Highlander {Del Mar, CA}

Ford Explorer {Maui}

Ford Explorer {Maui}

And to that is one reason why I enjoy traveling...
and that is the time when i don't mind that life is passing me by. :)