January 28, 2010

just dreaming & ideas....

I am lucky....
I get to collaborate on a shoot with t.h.e. hannahmichelle of coffee&parchment. Ever since we randomly connected (thanks flickr + mutual friends) i've been intrigued by the simplicity of her style and the depth of her compositions.

I'm excited and a bit nervous - she's going to be photographing me - and I've never been one who is comfortable in these settings...but I thought it would be good to remember what it feels like to be one the side of the lens without the controls.
As we've been talking about the photographers who inspire us and dream shoots I needed a place to keep my ideas. It's always fun to go into a shoot with ideas in mind for a style and feel but it has been challenging to try and come up with something that hasn't been circulating the blog world (along the lines of big balloons, vintage cameras, anthropologie clothes) ...Definitely nothing wrong with any of those (because I love the idea of all those things!) but what an opportunity to challenge myself creatively.

So I don't know what we'll actually flush out (gotta figure all that out today) but here are some images i've been mulling over in my head. Some are nothing but a dream (clearly I am not a 5'8" model with flowing blonde hair) but they all are my favorites. None of these photos were taken by me...but unfortunately because I saved them all to my harddrive I don't have the credits.


January 25, 2010

joyce & peter // love & the ranch house in san diego

Here's a much awaited post for monday. yay.
This was my last shoot [before my camera got stolen - but that's a story for another time...] but it had all my favorites lined up. J&P are two of my best buds in the whole wide world - it was a day after the rain (right after ben & andrea's shoot actually) so there were blue skies and just the right amount of breeze. And we finally got to the ranch house.
I had orginally wanted to go there with these two for a practice engagement session - before their wedding in august. As anticipated time flew by as they were planning their wedding and my fellow bridesmaids & i were planning joyce's bridal shower and before we knew it, there was no time left.

Yet things worked out. It's so fun shooting married couples because of the comfort level - especially with j&p. I was super privileged to be in their lives the year before they got engaged and of course, now that they are married, its much different. I still laugh when remember the first I saw them hold hands when we were at Disneyland about a month after Peter proposed. I couldn't have been happier for the piano playing man & the simple card making girl on the day of their wedding.
So this session turned into a time of celebrating this newer season for them (peter gets to be joyce's permanent roommate :D). When we were at The Ranch House, the afternoon was full of light, laughter and of course...love.

officially my favorite shot. ;)

I admit, I made them work a bit.

Pete's smiley face.

love this one. this is what they look like when we're all together most of the time. usually because peter is either 1) singing us a new song 2) busting the impromptu robot (my fave!!!)

Joyce's silly face.

so pretty together.

January 23, 2010

made me smile...

... as i was editing i came across my mom in her yellow jacket on main street USA in disneyland.
yes, made me smile. :)