January 5, 2010

mike&jen's neverland

As I said yesterday, I got to aid my dear Caro (a.k.a. Jen's maid of honor and little sister) in pulling together a fabulous party to celebrate Mike & Jen's engagement. At first Caro didn't want to tell me the theme because she said that I would love it too much...and as soon as she said "Neverland" (because Mike took Jen on a scavenger hunt) she was totally right.

Caro put her amazing party planning skills to work and coordinated everything and cooked ALL the food. There were different themes with the food so our Peter Pan theme was coordinated with the table scape with our decor for The Mermaids Lagoon, The Pirates Lair, The Lost Boys Treehouse etc. I got the simple job of decor on a budget, which gave me an excuse to buy bunches of my favorite flowers (dahlias) and willow branches. Stick those babies in a tall vase and you are good to go!

But of course the best part was celebrating with the happy couple. :) I didn't get any photos of them since I was runnin' around getting the decor ready but you can enjoy that!

Orange and red dahlias were the perfect touch.

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