January 12, 2010

the best day.

Words cannot even tell you how AMAZING (and I do not use the word lightly here) my birthday was.

If you have ever received something that you know you did not deserve (even a teensy bit), you know how I felt on Saturday.

These photos were taken by the lovely Mims, at the 3rd to last stop on the most perfect scavenger hunt ever, put together by my bestests. We couldn't make it to Disneyland that day, but in its place we went to Pizza Port {also the name of our favorite restaurant in Disneyland :)}

I don't think I've ever been so happy/humbled/encouraged/laughedsohard/blessed/thankful in one day in my entire life. And I've never been so sure of God's love. Honestly, it was THE BEST DAY.

More details to come!

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c&p said...

aww i'm glad you had a great bday!!!! and it was FINALLY awesome meet you courtney!!! :D here's to future meets and shoots!