September 21, 2010

So Long, Summer

Waterballoon fights, carnivals, Super soakers, hoses, cotton candy, hot dogs and watermelon are all part of the funnest time of year. Seems like it was endless, traveling back and forth, here and there between the beaches and the redwood trees. But without a doubt, my last summer in SD was really good to me. 





September 13, 2010

Glimpses of my San Jose Life

I reward myself with flowers after I make it through a Monday workday.

Where I sit/read/blog/edit

Who I play with

My favorite spot to "study"

Our evening outings to get ice cream

 Sunday sweet treat from Ribby
....and who I've been dining with

September 9, 2010

More Than Words

Shot for hannah michelle.
I got to tag along with on their engagement shoot with my lovely at Torrey Pines and it was amazing. Even though had overcast skies, it was still such a quintessential summmmery shoot. Between Rib's coral dress, Simon's sunshine yellow shirt, climbin' up the lifeguard tower and the many many seashells that they kept picking up, it couldn't have felt more like summer romance.

Simon & Ribecca = much more than just summer love, more than sunsets, more than just a summer wedding...but this is a love that's gonna last.


September 7, 2010

The Look of Love

It just all worked out perfectly. 

I don't know if I'll ever be able to really convey how surprising and honoring it is when a friend decides that they want you to shoot their wedding. To be with them, every step of the way.

Alex and Maria are friends who really embrace their friends and welcome them in their life. You might remember the fun time we had at the zoo but I remember seeing their relationship progress from their uncertain early dating days  to hearing about her engagement when driving my car to the getting to be up front and center for their first kiss, their first day as husband and wife and their first week of marriage brought a lot of joy to my life. You only need a few moments to see Maria gaze adoringly at her husband to see that they are a perfect match.

Through all the transitions, I've seen them continue to place their trust in God and his plans for their lives....especially through wedding planning. I know they are rejoicing in how their heavenly father has worked everything out for them thus far. And I am rejoicing with them too!

Some of the loveliest bridesmaids ever!
Dear Maria has always been a sensitive and tearful soul :)

Everything that their marriage is centered on is right behind them.
Their reception featured musical performances galore by several of their buddies!
Definitely made for a fun afternoon.

My favorite shot

Congratulations you two... I can't wait to see how full of love your future will be!