July 18, 2008

Mabel + Kevin = Married!

Mabel & Kevin had a great wedding day...06/07/08 :)
It was one of those weddings when everyone was just soooooo happy to see them tie the knot, finally! Friends were involved at every level (i provided help with the guest book to Joyce Nieh, the guest book expert). Even though I was sitting in the WAY back of the church, (but got to test the limits of a new lens - not bad!) you could see how much everyone was celebrating with M&K - especially all the members of their big wedding party!

Cutest ring bearer - T!

I think the groomsmen cried more than the bridesmaids did. :) They had the hugest smiles on their faces during the whole ceremony.

A was getting lots of attention from the ladies.

July 14, 2008

Jer + Ser

I know its been so long since I've posted. Life has been speeding by and as I get ready for my trip to Czech Republic in August, time seems to drain away before I can barely make a dent in all that, including new photos! But stay tuned, because I have LOTS of stuff coming soon!

I was so blessed to attend the wedding of two dear friends, Jeremy and Serena back in April. I posted one photo but with such lovely details, I realized that had missed posting about everything else!

The groom wore chucks. LOVE IT!

The bridal party, before the wedding. This is part two of my Westside Wedding post.

The happy couple. :)

The reception was at Union Station. It was an amazing venue! I noticed more and more people are doing engagement shoots there.