October 29, 2009

Shadow of the Day

Kim Family Portraits//Del Mar//October 2009

{Maybe someday I'll stop being inspired by Pride & Prejudice. But it wasn't that day.}

October 27, 2009

Beauty in being broken


A whole summer flew by with nothing but a smattering of updates from things that recently happened. In terms of blogging, I've realized that I have an average of posting pictures about 3-4 months after I've taken it. And its been 2-3 photos at a time.

Frankly, I was uninspired after returning from Cz. And a bit disgruntled. Wishing that I didn't take more pictures of J&P's wedding as well as C&S's wedding. They were both beautiful events. A bit regretful that I didn't take better care of my camera gear (I need to take my go-to lens to the shop. It works fine now, but it's definitely likely to be further damaged if I don't do i it soon). Grumbling that everything about photography was not coming easily to me. I was frustrated that I kept comparing my photos with seemingly everyone else. My camera sat in its bag for a good month and I had no desire to take it anywhere. Photography just wasn't that fun anymore.

I don't know if that's just a phase but one thing became very clear to me. I never wanted my identity to be primarily a photographer. My identity is in Christ. I'm still reconciling that and all the things that I've taken pride in and allowed my head and heart to puffed up with. The Lord has been reminding me though, that everything I have - money, time, and in this case talent or skills is to be used for his glory.... used to serve other people not not myself. And as he reminds me of the joy that comes from loving and serving him (through serving other people). So maybe I don't have fancy stuff. Maybe one day my eyesight will be gone completely. And maybe I won't be able to take photographs anymore. I think 4-5 months ago, that possibility would have devastated me. But for now, I have the opportunity to take pictures. And slowly, i've been picking up that camera more.

I know that's a lot of text for a photoblog. :) But I just wanted to share those thoughts as they pertain to my developoment in photography.

October 15, 2009

living my life

, originally uploaded by Courtney Lynn.

I have come to the conclusion that a lot of photographers are less selfish than I.

Because sometimes I get tired of capturing other people's memories. but that really is only when i'm not making any of my own.

This however, {grace's graduation - the last time we saw her before she moved from SD to Maryland} is a precious, precious memory.

October 2, 2009

Be good to your...brothers?

An oldie but ONE OF MY FAVORITES of all time.

We were 18 at the time - we were on missions in Mexicali during our senior year of high school. GEEZ. Almost 7 years ago. Tino, Hase and Kev are STILL some of my most favorite "brothers" ever. (Just missing D & Garron from this photo!)