October 29, 2009

Shadow of the Day

Kim Family Portraits//Del Mar//October 2009

{Maybe someday I'll stop being inspired by Pride & Prejudice. But it wasn't that day.}

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c&p said...

hi courtney :) thank you so much for your kind words/encouragement. i felt so much...weight as i was frantically shooting the wedding, but I think it really helped me respect the job I was doing (trying to do, that is) and those who excel in it. photography is frustrating sometimes, but sometimes it lets in such insight into you as a person. haha, wow i am rambling again.

in any case, i think you'll do a great job! i've perused your flickr photostream and you already have several weddings under your belt! i adore how you shoot - there is such a carefree and life-loving feel to them; i can literally feel the joy and love you have for life illuminating from them. Is that too dramatic? But really, i love your work and i'm excited to see more of your work, esp the upcoming wedding!! maybe we can shoot together one day, just for fun! i bet i would learn a LOT from you :D