November 2, 2009

Time to Get the Future Started//UCSD Graduation 09

Everyone who knows me, knows well that I loved High School Musical 3. Just today I was listening to the last song and I admit....I got a bit choked up even today when I thought about all the emotions that the characters must have been feeling on their graduation day, how the actors felt when they filmed their last scene, and just in general what a great day graduation is - as fearful as leaving college may be, there's so much to look forward to.

I made it out to the graduation marathon at UCSD to celebrate with different brothers and sisters from our college group. Seriously, I praise God for working in their lives and using them to bless our Lighthouse family and for bringing so much joy into my life, especially the girls who I got to know through small group this past year.

My beautiful Wury.

Steph & her grandparents

Getting to meet Steph in her freshmen year and see her graduate...was wonderful. :)

Catherine & Michelle love their unni.

Kimmy was one of the greatest sources of encouragement that God brought into my life this year. :) We got to share A LOT in terms of ministry through Collegelife together. Truly, a beautiful sister!

Made it to the last ceremony of the weekend!

Just a picture of me, and my partner in crime.

Congratulating her dear Lynn.

I love the LBC collegians!

I miss my girls!

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