November 20, 2009

Tied Up with Love {cathie & steven's DIY wedding {orange, CA}}

With their wedding taking place in June, I was slow on the recap of this.

Never the less, I was a VERY happy guest at their VERY beautiful handmade wedding.
A celebration so full of the things that are characteristically them (scrabble tiles, buttons, yarn balls) and a palette happy colors, yet so centered upon the God who brought them together.

LOVED their epics.

We had a LOT of morning mist that looked like it was going to dampen the happy affair...but it cleared up to be warm June afternoon.

Even from my seat, I knew this would be a great shot...simply because of the clock. The clock that tells us the exact moment that Cathie started walking down the aisle.

Their first first kiss! <3


Yarnballs & rose petals = the most lovely centerpieces.

They're getting married in 2010. :)

Favors were handmade candies shaped into buttons

Me and my famous mustard colored dress.

David's bestman toast was probably one of my most favorite ones I'd ever heard.

Having done hair for bridesmaids in another wedding, I have mad props for the person who did the hair for these gals. And I love the simple carnation in their hair.

A lovely tradition is when married couples have to model a kiss for the bride & groom to imitate every time the glasses are tapped. This was Christine & Patrick's reaction to their names getting called to participate.

Red velvet cupcakes were the perfect way to end the day!

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