June 24, 2009

Green Girl on the Move

I tell ya, this girl is ready to get out of the office and into the summer sunshine. :)
And its a good thing because I'm leaving for Czech Republic in eight days.

{there are from a lovely spring day that i spent with mrs. gilmore - she's in photo #1 (and she's pretty amazing.) But the shoes and scarf are mine. :)}

June 10, 2009

Life is Sweet

Lots of changes going on right now but watching one of my favorite kiddos enjoy his red velvet cupcake at Cathie & Steven's wedding reminded me to just enjoy each day as it comes. And yes there will be crumbs.

June 9, 2009

lazy summer days

, originally uploaded by Hanna L..
I LOVE THIS. It's a flickr find that was very much what I have been wishing for...summers when we could wander off into the woods and come back before dinner and be tucked into our beds at night.

June 4, 2009

summer love

These guys are getting married this weekend... CONGRATULATIONS CATHIE and STEVEN. :)