About Me

Courtney Lynn being my actual given name, seemed far too girly and dignified for the tree climbin', silly, basketball playin'  plaid/sneaker wearin' kind of girl that I always perceived myself to be. "Courtlynn" was a nickname from my best friends in high school that ended up sticking for some reason. And in their opinion fit MUCH better.

As a girl who's always been more of a visual learner than a verbal, there was never a time when images didn't play an important part of my life. My grandfather was a commercial photographer and it seemed like every home had a wall covered in family portraits. The God-given genes that seem to run through me and my eyes (as well as my cousin, http://www.eyphotography.com/) are a great blessing and a gift that I'm glad to serve others with.

Growing up in Socal shaped my easy going, natural elements based aesthetic...always making use of light and wind however I could in my images.  However, recently moving up to Norcal where the trees are a plenty, has not only kept me rooted in what I love but  given me the opportunity to learn so much more about people, about God's plans for my life and all the different ways you can use the color green in a photograph.

To me photography is so much more than pretty pictures - its sharing your life. 
Here are some basics about mine. :)