January 4, 2010

mike&jen // la jolla

In June 2008, mike asked me to take some photos of him to send to his grandmother. You might remember his slick breaking moves on the beach (which he did NOT send to his grandmother... we did take some "normal" portraits.)

One person who was also there was his then-girlfriend/now-fiancee, the beautiful Jennifer.
Just for fun, I got some shots of them that day but when a roommate of mine thought he had proposed when looking at my pictures (when he definitely hadn't) I thought that I should hold on to these photos for a little bit.

But now that they ARE getting married... so I can show the world how awesome they are. I'm so excited for them because I love them loooooooooots. It's gonna be a super sweet February.

I was also super lucky to be in the party planning crew for their engagement party. Stay tuned to see the Neverland Themed Decor tomorrow!

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