January 6, 2010

andrea & ben's rainy day // balboa park, SD

Andrea and I grew up together. in LA since we went to the same church through elmentary all the way to high school... and when I went to Balboa Park with her and Ben, I just kept thinking "Andrea is A GROWN UP." :) It was a pleasure to reconnect with her since we both are living in SD now and to meet her husband for the first time though they had been married for about two years now.

It was all thunderstorms for the two days before our trip to balboa park and with the holidays quickly approaching, we were short on time....so to the park we went. I was a bit nervous at first, but little did I know how much I LOVE shooting after the rain.

And here's a secret...I LOVE the way ben looks at andrea. :)

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Jen Shih said...

court!! you're so good with the cam!! :D looking at your photos makes me more motivated to learn how to use my dslr!