February 26, 2009

Disneyland.... and Back Again

So there have been several posts alluding to my favorite time of year - Disneyland with Baywood! Honestly, its a day I look forward to for many many months. Partially because its one of my favorite places and mostly because they are some of my favorite people. :) Granted these photos are more than two months old at this point but it was the first time I had ever taken my dSLR with me and I thought it was still worth sharing.

We were so excited...even taking pictures at the gas station while we waited for Naomi and Alice. And because Peter is now  Joyce's fiancee (and because he missed out last year) he came too! Yay!

Our PASSES! Thanks Mom & Pops!

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is definitely a crowd favorite.

Messing around after going through the single rider line at Toy Story Mania (our most time efficient tactic to get on as many rides as possible is to just go single rider on whatever rides have it. Surprisingly, sometimes sitting next to a stranger does not decrease the amount of fun!)

Haha... this is classic.

I made Peter and Joyce practice for their engagement session when I found some awesome diffused light in the Feature Animation Building at California Adventures.

The Beast's Library

Naomi's tribute to our Argentinian buddy Noelia.

Which is by far my favoritist thing at Disneyland. So there's a legend going around that I'M CRAZY because we drove to Disneyland in the morning and then Alice and I had to return to SD for Christmas concert rehearsal at 6 p.m. As soon as practice was over at 9:30 we drove BACK to Anaheim for a few more hours at the Magic Kingdom. I drove feverishly  to try with all my might to make it back for the 10:30 showing of Fantasmic. We made it in time for the last 1:30 minutes. And that is when I took all these photos.

::POOF::: Mickey disappears and then reappears.

And this is where the phrase "Disneyland and back again" originated.
Because it is true that we drove to Disneyland, San Diego and back again in 24 hours.
But man, I would do it again. 

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