March 1, 2009

Things I love part I: Church Family!

I was thinking about all the things I wanted to blog about and there was one common theme...they are all things I really really love. Therefore, I'm starting a 3 part series on that.

One of the more obvious things, because I write about them all the time is my church family at LBC. Truly, I love them, and thank the Lord for bringing me to a church like Lighthouse.
Being consistently challenged by the teaching at Lighthouse has helped me to move forward and pursue God’s glory as the consistent goal of my life. I love how the church members remind each other that “life is not about you” and that we have to come to God on His terms. I now count it a blessing to have accountability, because it keeps me from hiding in my sinful desires. When I think back to how I was for so many years, I’m so thankful for the genuine example of the people here to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith and run hard.

Thank you Lord for these men of God! Our pastors rock!

{all of these photos are from our annual all-church camp.} We are found in Christ alone.

I love love love the Lim Family. :)

I have taken a photo like the one on the right at almost every instance that we have been at worthington hall but i wanted to share this because I love the Yi Family. Esther and John are such a blessing. of the very talented photogs at LBC -he's awesome.


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