March 26, 2009

Things I Love Part VI: Having a GREAT seat at weddings!

I had the distinct privilage of being a guest at the February Lui/Woo wedding where my dear Jenny married her sweatheart, Tim in La Jolla.

It was a JOYOUS wedding because she is the first to marry of this club we (ok I) started freshmen year of college called "SCG" which I will NOW admit stands for Single Christian Girls. While it may sound like a dating service it was actually quite the opposite... it was a pact that a group of us girls from Mt. Hermon made that we were not going to date during our first year in college. In God's sovereignty, Jenny met Tim during her SECOND year of college. :) And they have been together since then.

I felt so blessed to be there, to celebrate with Jenny AND Tim's family as well - his older sister Tiff is another dear friend. Sadly the Lui's are now residing in Philly (soooo far away...not something I love), but I can't wait to see them again in April!

Not a photographer for this wedding...(but I did get to meet John Yao of SimplyTwo..he's awesome!)...but rather turned into an impromptu florist. I was rather proud of my handiwork. :)

The view from their reception at Admiral Baker's Clubhouse

A romantic waltz to Beauty and the Beast...I would say this is one of my favorite first dances of all time. Good job guys!

This is my favorite shot.

Toasts from both Jenny & Tim's sisters.

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Tiffany said...

Hahah, court! I guess I'm pretty out of the loop, but I just came across your blog again... I was looking for missions team photos, but saw your wonderful photos instead. LOVE the engagement session at Balboa Park and yes, I thought your floral arranging skills were great at Tim & Jenny's wedding also. :) Miss you... see you in a few!

<3 Tiffany