May 9, 2008

Nothing taken for Granted

Torrey Pines

Today is Stephanie's birthday, but these pictures are actually from March. For one reason or another I didn't think that I would ever edit these photos from the last time we had one of our play dates. On a Friday afternoon I picked her up and said we were going to go on an adventure. Those days have been few and far between since then because of the busyness and lessons of life. Sadly, there are not many days like this left either, since she'll be moving from San Diego. Reflecting on God's grace to us in allowing us to have the time together that we did, was what led me to sit down at my computer and strive to create something that conveyed our friendship. An hour and a half later, I surveyed my photographs and was satisfied. I could see us.

Thank you Lord, for Stephanie, for our friendship, for the lessons, and the precious time we've had together. And thank you for hoping in the future.

Simple statement about our friendship.

This may be my favorite picture that I've ever taken of Stephanie.
It says so much about her...especially things that people may not know just by looking at her.

This is Steph, as most people see her. Happy, joyful and laughing.

We tried to not laugh as this couple walked past but she couldn't help but chuckle when I took a picture of them.

One of my favorite photos of both of us. Yes, both of us. Look closer.


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