February 25, 2010

bringing two into the world

February2010 is ready to wrap up and i realize that I did SO much this month.
so much but I enjoyed the fact that this week felt like smooth sailing...

i had 4 hour engagement shoot last week and fulfilled my biggest greentea & ivy order to date {60 individually different pins & clips!}

But the week before that I went through a process that felt a bit like i had brought two new babies into this world. I guess in a way, i kind of did...

{the creative process for Shin-Yu wedding}

While i had introduced greentea & ivy via my blog, I got incredible feedback for my 6 individual pieces for stephanie's bridesmaids. It meant so much to me that people were genuinely impressed by my handiwork - ESPECIALLY the bridesmaids. I was a bit nervous about how they would be received because these gals really didn't have much input in the design. Steph sent me a photo of what she wanted and after a short interview, I clarified the colors and feel that they could have. I never wanted to create 6 identical combs and i'm thankful that Steph gave me the freedom to use my judgement. It was fortunate that I had knew all of her bridesmaids - the first evening was spent reflecting on each bridesmaid, their sense of style & skin/hair tones and I jotted down my list of gals, what colors I would be using (lime green, white, gold and plum) and identifying the dominate color in each comb. Figuring out the angles of the comb in every which direction took the longest time but after I had finished #3 I had found my groove.

{the finished products, packaged & ready to go!}

I breathed a sigh of relief when Veronica (the GORGEOUS maid of honor) came up to me at the wedding and told me how much she liked it...followed by cindy and diane. {hi guys!} But the cherry on top of the cake and the most meaningful compliment came from my nearest and dearest, non-girly, no-frills naomi - when she said that she would even consider wearing her comb (the first one out of the bunch) AGAIN. Voluntarily. There really were no words to convey my surprise. :)

Veronica makes it look sooooooo good!

Naomi's best wedding look, in my humble opinion, to date.

I've decided against making an etsy site (at least for now), I was able to find another solution - I made a facebook fanpage for people to contact me and place custom orders. I've already had an incredible response {31 fans & counting} and two giveways. Become a fan on facebook if you want more greentea action.

My second baby wasn't something that I was really planning on doing right then and there in this month. I had thought about it numerous times over the past two years but my mom helped me conclude that it wasn't quite the right time.
Looking on back on everything that happened this year {still haven't written that post about my amazing birthday which tells the whole story...}, and in response to opportunities I've had to shoot, I thought I'd take a chance and make the leap...

and finally make my own website.

That's right...there is now OFFICIALLY a http://www.courtlynnphoto.com/

{a screenshot of the landing page}

Can I just tell you its terrifying at times? Worrying that others might think "What's this girl doin'? She's not a real photographer!!" was the first thought I kept battling as I was making it...
I had so many insecurities that I told people about it s l o w l y even after it went live.
But you know what....I'm gonna try it out. I'll see what happens and be ok with it! I'm gonna keep doing what I do.

So if you would be so inclined to check it out, {and see the shots that I love the most in one place} head over to http://www.courtlynnphoto.com/ and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend friends!


andyshin said...

you're a real photographer.
site looks great! how exciting!

c&p said...

i looOoOove it all! youre truly at the top of your game when youre creating, court. i'm excited to see where else God takes you!! and i echo andy - you ARE a photographer and an artist!

and yes...the dress is from the ever so fashionable tarjay :D love that place...

Anonymous said...

COURT!!! I am SOOOO proud of you & think you are doing the right thing to step out there & just try things out. I know it's super intimidating & scary -- but two (hundred) props to you for being brave. They say that the thing that sets people apart is people who just think about great ideas & people who actually do them. Hopefully will be following in your footsteps within the coming years. You go girl. :]

Courtney Chow said...

Thanks for ALL the encouragement you guys!

Andy - I looked through your smugmug...you're off to a great start! Your momma must be so excited. :D

hannahmichelle - i loved your recent outdoorsy shots. Did you use film??

cathie - i LOVE your composition. girl, you definitely have an eye for aesthetics. your bridesmaids did us ALL a good thing when they got you that camera. you know i already love your blog...the photos have made it all the much more enjoyable!

christie gilmore said...

courtney!!! everything you've been creating is beautiful - i've loved reading about your late night crafting for green tea & ivy (clips, headbands, flower belts) & watching (& being a part of) your photography journey. congrats on your new website too =)

Anonymous said...

thanks again courtney :) appreciated all your hard work & it all came out beautifully!