October 18, 2008

Alex & Stephanie's Wedding // Diamond Bar

Weddings are a time of celebrating the love of two people and their promise to love and serve one another for the rest of their lives. One thing that really left an impression upon me from Alex & Stephanie's wedding was that it wasn't a day ALL about them and what they wanted to happen- it was a day for them to love and serve their families as they pledged their love and became their own family.

As I went home that night, I was really challenged to consider how I love my family more. Their wedding day was a double blessing because it gave me a great opportunity to work alongside my sister. She's incredibly gifted in the arts and I really enjoyed hearing her ideas as we pulled together our sister act to capture all the moments.

Thanks Alex and Steph, for letting me be there to witness the joy, the tears and the celebration with those closest to you.

As usual, my optimism came a day early...but here are some favorites from their big day.

All of Stephanie's bling. {Courtesy of Kristen Chow.}

The first look. :)

Seriously one of the cutest flowergirls i've ever ever seen.

Praying before the ceremony.

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