October 1, 2008


The last part of my trip this summer was spending time with team in Vienna. It was a great time of reflecting and journaling about what I learned this summer (and I learned a lot.) One of my favorite times during "debriefing" was on the rooftop garden of our hotel. It was really just a patio on the fifth floor but I found solace and rest at a small table and black iron wrought garden chair. In the distance I could see the top of a cathedral. I hardly minded the summer sun beating overhead because I couldn't remember feeling as rejuvenated as I did that morning. It wasn't just a time of nice weather, but of spending time in the word and thanking my Father for his faithfulness throughout our time in Czech and his faithfulness in working in my heart. That morning brought a lot of sunshine to my heart. (Agh, that's kind of cheesy to say. :P)

It was also a time of being creative and just relaxing. I loved taking photos without the pressure of documenting everything. I almost couldn't believe I was in Austria. It never crossed my mind that I would have the chance to go their in my lifetime. But of course, it just made me thank God again for his gracious plans for my life.

Our hotel.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Sight seeing.

Tried my hand at photographying food.

Visited my first palace ever! (a.k.a. Diddy's summer home, according to Johnny.)

Of course everything beautiful requires its little hike to enjoy it

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Lillian said...

we went to that summer home too :) hee hee hee! you should ask joyce about it :) CZ 05 :)