September 29, 2008

Where the Heart Is

I never intended to be such a tease....last week during "Czech Republic Week" I fully intended on ending with a big bang - but of course I opened my big mouth too early. :P But its all good - I ended up getting to finish editing our ENTIRE trip. So today, is the long-awaited conclusion to my posts for "Czech Republic 1.5 Week". There is nothing better to close with than to bring out a very special group of people - those who are in Ostrava that have become very close to my heart, the church family at KSOP. As a whole, they are the group that we partner with in our trips and i have been so blessed to have gotten to form such an affection and kinship with the people there. I love them as much as I love the Lighthouse family. It is always ironic because China was the place that I had been set on going back to during college... I never would anticipated that Ostrava, Czech Republic would become another place that feels like home.

The view from the top of City Hall.

I love watching the older guys interact with the babies.

Nela (and her twin sister Sara) always wanted to sit with Johannes. I almost melted when I saw how much they adored him.

Last year, Kuba was still in his mom's belly. I was SO excited to meet him when I returned this year.

Monca & Sarka...I miss them. :)

John, in action.

My host family from last year, and my host family from this year.

The sports club.

Super cool action shot of Hanka, who is a crazy good volleyball player.

My favorite student from English Camp, Elen.

...and finally it was time to say our goodbyes. Needless to say, the most bittersweet part of the whole time.

Dear Ann & Hanka...i miss you both soooooo much. Can we just meet for one day in the middle of the atlantic ocean?

Agh. Goodbyes suck. How can you be happy when Martina is waving goodbye to you? (She gives some of the best hugs, by the way. I'm getting teary just thinking about it.)

Windmills as we drove along the way.

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