April 19, 2010

A cup of Spring

Early in February, my OC pals {a.k.a. Liz's bridesmaids} had a request - enough greentea & ivy pieces to give away as favors at Liz's bridal shower! Considering the special opportunity to bless one of my long time friends, I took a deep breath and agreed - I'm sure I was a little on the crazy side of my brain for thinking I could put together 50+ unique clips and brooches (especially with mike & jen's wedding being right smack in the middle of it). However, thanks to my roommate, Sarah, we finished them all (as well watched an array of movies) in two weeks time! It was a wonderful opportunity to share the love - and I would do it again if I had the chance. :)

Jules also had a special request: purple & gold headbands for the bridesmaids.
Though initially it was a challenge to come up with something lovely yet matching the Lakers theme for their wedding, I was MORE THAN HAPPY to incorporate full love for my favorite team in a greentea & ivy project!

Something special for the bride - a big fluffy peony for Liz.
Some of the other pieces...about half were brooches and half were clips

I had a contest running for facebook fans this past week asking them what their favorite part of getting ready for a wedding was. Out of all the ladies that replied, Yuna Park is our winner. :) Congrats Yuna! Please send me either a facebook message or an email at courtlynn.photography@gmail.com with your address and indicate if you would like to receive a pair of ranuculus hair pins (red, gold, white or pink) or a white peony hair clip.

Lastly, as I mentioned... Happenstance has been lookin' just a little different around here - and that is thanks almost entirely to cathie hong! Ever since she started her new blog, Ampersandity, I have been won over by her craftiness on a daily basis... talk about a quick learner - she's a quickly budding calligrapher/graphic designer/stylist/photographer and I knew she was the perfect person to design the new logo I had in mind.

Her penmenship is gorgeous and easygoing...just a touch of whimsy. I'm hopefully those are
words can also describe courtlynn photo in due time as well. :)

Cathie is also up for other projects if you are interested in hiring her
(which I recommend...I would have her write everything for me, if I could :D)
Check our her blog for more details!


Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet words, court! will blog about you soon too ;]

swell.life said...

Your blog is drop dead gorgeous. I am drooling over these beautiful head bands!s

knack said...

your creations are so fantastic! ....you made purple and yellow look amazing!

I love the new logo that you got as well........congrats on a beautiful new look........

......and from the looks of things around here.....things will go beautifully for you:)

thanks for your comment on knack!

have a great night!


Silver Strands said...

LOVELY photos! The hair pieces are amazing!

jozen said...

i love cathie's blog, and i am in love with yours now too! those flowers are just GORGEOUS!!

your newest follower :)