April 15, 2010

Stop....and go {some thursday inspiration}

In addition to photo, I really enjoy video! (I am a youtube fiend on days with spare time!) As a digital arts student in college, I think the one room I spent the most time in at the end of my college career was the video lab. There are a ton of links of cute and inspiring videos that I watch on sunny and rainy days.
Particularly Stop-motion has really started to become prevalent these days. Here are some of my favorite stop-motion videos:

A supercute save-the-date:

I want some cake now.

Angela Kohler directed some of the most popular stop-motion commercials in advertising recently....I think she did this one for fun and she used one of my favorite singers as an actress in it!

...and this last one. Actually this video inspired my post. The English Muse is a design/lifestyle blog that I very much enjoy reading. Tina has had a wildly unfortunately year including changes like losing her job at the LA times and having to move out of their bungalow and other changes with their family. Today though, she posted about how her 11 year old daughter is her hero. Her 11 year old daughter made the decision to switch schools to help their family's situation...and she made a stop-motion video about moving.
As someone who also will be packing her boxes in a little less than 2 months, I appreciate the sentiment.

Hope you're inspired. I am. :)


Anonymous said...

court! have you seen the girls with glasses video? if you haven't, you're gonna love it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGPL4J6IIJY

Courtney Chow said...

I did see it! Are they so classy or what??