April 29, 2010

OH my mother.

Hear ye, hear ye:

{Consider this your official announcement}.

So here's the truth about me...I am both a GREAT and horrible gift giver. I am great because I always want to give a gift that I think the receiver will like and be touched by - but horrible because when I don't have that PERFECT gift in mind, it either ends up being really late or never showing up at all. :/

But considering how patient my mom  has been with me this year, I really don't want to be late in showing her how much I do appreciate her. To mix it up on the blog with all the wedding posts (there are SEVERAL more to come, if you can believe it), I thought I would put together some inspiration for creative and lovely Mother's Day gifts. Just imagine me, as your personal shopper! Hope it's helpful :).

{Apothecary Jar No. 53 } by blithegardens
I am intrigued by these little terrariums on etsy...Being a foresty kind of gal, I liked them simple and imagine it lookin' lovely on a bookshelf or a coffeetable.

Year after year I always find myself passing by the jewelry counters but nothing ever seems to strike me as being right for her - plus I hear her in my head saying "Save your money - I don't need to wear anything like that."  But I don't think you can lose with simple and classy jewelry....that is definitely afforable!

celadon necklace by elephantine

Vine Wire Hoops earrings ($54), Viceroy necklace ($50) & three disc necklace ($62) by Gorjana

Lotus stud earrings ($22) and Cubic zirconia vintage earrings ($24) from Banana Republic
Carming and versatile...and easy to pick up directly at the mall in case you still haven't picked anything out the day before you go see your mom!

Along the lines of jewelry, purses/clutches/bags and scarves can be a thoughtful gift... sometimes I see a bag and I think its cute but would not actually buy something impractical for myself. However, sometimes those make the great gifts.

Foldover canvas tote ($39) and Reversible Market tote ($15) both from Gap

Modular Messenger in Mustard ($35) by bayanhippo

When I think about the things Mom tried to instill me, writing thank you notes is at the top of that list. Oh how inspired and eager I would be if I had some pretty stationary... and what a lovely gift that would be.

Letterpress greetings (3 pack variety - $12) by pearlmarmalade

Letterpressed circle notecards ($25) by chatham & caron

Rust Vintage Lace Letterpress cards set and  Calla Lilies (both $15) by Pistachio Press

Some fun for the cookin' mamas (which my mom most definitely is):

(how much exactly IS a pinch? These spoons can tell you!)
Odd Size Measuring Spoons {$12.50} at Spoon sisters

Flowerist measuring cups {$36}, Provencal cookie jar {$28} and Sewing Basket Apron {$38} all from Anthropologie

Over the years, its been fun building my mom's library in Christian living. These books in particular are some of my favorite volumes, several of which have really transformed my mind to see what being a wife and mother are from God's perspective.

1. Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss
2. Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes
3. Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney
5. Because he Loves Me by Elise Fitzpatrick
6. Twelve Extraordinary Women by John Macarthur
So, to all the mom's out there....thanks for doing a great job - and hope that you have a blessed day!

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