August 15, 2009

Tommy & Liz's Engagement Day Part II

This one's a doozy!

I mentioned this momentous day a few months back but the daunting task of describing everything that happened was a bit intimidating. :) Like I mentioned Liz previously, we've been friends for a while now. I was really privileged to be included and to be there to document their proposal (along with Kabahead photography!). It was a day planned WAY before March 28th, 2009. I remembered that we had a super long string of emails going between the girls because Tommy was so cool to include our circle of buddies (originating from our high school mt. hermon summer camp days). I'm obviously much better with the camera (and made use of myself by taking some pretty nifty portraits of my gorgeous girlfriends) so with excerpts from our emails, I'll let Michelle and; the other girls do the talking...
MichelleKawaye on March 9th:
Hello my lovely ladies
(minus liz),
It is my GREAT pleasure to announce to you that TOMMY VO is
ready to PROPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plan is to do it the evening on march 28th.
AGHHHHHHHHH!!! :D SooOooOOOoooOOoo, in order to help him out, I'm going to suggest we move small group from the morning to a dinner at night.

MichelleKawaye on March 23:
I know it's been awhile since the last update, I found out from Mr. Tommy Vo all the info this past weekend...
2:30 - small group at Stace's house
3:30-4 - start to get ready for dinner
5:45 - leave stace's house for the beach
6:45 - arrive at coronal del mar (pictures with Keri Kaba ensue... But shhhhh... Liz doesn't know it's Keri yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to get her to suggest Keri for the photo shoot... we'll see...teehehe)
6:45- 7 - we slowly make our way down the beach until we see Tommy... We stand back while liz moves on...
7:00 - Tommy proposes
7:09 - Sun sets
7:30 - after congrats and some pics we leave the two lovebirds to themselves to enjoy the moment with each other
8:45 - dinner at Las Brisas

Okie okie... that's it for now. I CAN'T WAIT!!!Love love love,chelle :D


My most favorite photos of Stace

Tommy Vo on March 25:
I hope you all can contain your giddiness during small group before the "photoshoot." We don't want to give off any hints now. 3 days and counting.

Re: From Stacie Lew on March 25:
sorry i'll be giddy all the way through..... =P

Cyn and Marissa {all in front of the Lew's House before we left to go to the beach}

Cynthia Tsushima on March 25:
i survived hanging out with liz this past friday...and i didn't blurt anything i'm good for saturday!!! (i know how to act/pretend like nothing big is happening since i did it friday night :) haha) but i did i think it was funny how we started talking about wedding registries at dinner!
can't wait!!! yay!!!

Cynthia Tsushima on March 26:
SO, i noticed that Liz (like anticipated, hahha) is giving all these suggestions for attire for saturday...but shes really the one in the can someone please give REAL direction as to what we should wear???

Michelle Kawaye on March 23 (later that day):
As i'm sure you are all well aware... from the photo shoot email thread :D I got liz to suggest keri kaba(whom tommy has already contracted with to capture the proposal) as our small group photo shoot photographer! hahaha, soooo awesome! Keri suggest Corona del mar (which is where tommy will be waiting) to do the shoot at. I think we're planning to get to the beach a little earlier... like around 6.

Courtney Chow on March 26:
Liz suggested bringing different outfits and putting it together at Stacie's place. I... think color scheme is that important because we're mainly going to be contrasting with each other more than the background. {spoken like a fashion conscious photographer, I know.}

Re: from Michelle Kawaye on March 26:
I totally agree with Court. Liz is having a lot of fun putting together the color scheme so we won't burst her bubble.

She had NO CLUE at all.

Finally had a clue about two seconds later.

The reactions:

You can read Tommy's version of the proposal here:

Marissa Tanizaki on March 28:
Today is looking like a beautiful day ladies. The weather is perfect. Cant wait to see all you

Seriously, a beautiful day!
and the last email on March 30 from Elizabeth Lui: :)
Hello liars.

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