August 4, 2009

A Day at the Museum

So I've already introduced you to my amazingly artsy (and ridiculously stylish sister)...

One thing I really wanted to do with her was go to a museum in Los Angeles while I was home for Christmas. With all that LA has to offer in style, I had never really taken advantage of it while I was living nearby. Granted, I didn't have a car till I moved to San Diego but you get the idea. I reserved her for the day and made it my goal to push myself artistically beyond portraits (which I love so dearly) when we went to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). While I didn't stretch myself too far because the main thing I wanted to see was the Vanity Fair Portrait exhibit (WHICH I LOVED!), I was able to experiment juuuuuust a little. And I also discovered that while my sister thinks Modern Art is pretty cool... but its just a little too weird for me. I seriously don't get it and can't make a connection with it. It's ok... it was one of the best days I had with her in awhile.

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