November 3, 2011

the best thing i ever ate

One of my besties was inspired to write about a common love of ours....


I do love food. But I also don't like it. I never realized until I was about 24 that I am a PICKY eater. Or rather, is particular a better word? It's not that I have expensive tastes (I shamefully have to admit that I am one to load up on caesar salad, corn and dinner rolls at buffets) I what I like. And I do not like peas, carrots, bean sprouts or lima beans. I don't even like thinking about them. 

And this post is about what I do like. Well not just like, but I would even dare to say I love...
Well if you have ever eaten with me, you know I love ice cream, cheese sweet potato fries and sushi. 


Best breakfast i ever ate: Mission Beach Cafe's wild mushroom benedict. I loved it so much that I have dreams about it. 

best sandwich i ever ate: veggie melt from The Market Place Deli 

best burger i ever ate: easily The Burger Lounge

best refreshing thing i ever ate:  Oysters from Hog Island Oyster Company

best refreshing thing I ever drank: Ice Blended Mocha from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (my favorite drink of all time)

best cheap food i ever ate: Tacos from Tacos Del Gordo

best expensive thing i ever ate: All you can eat Korean BBQ at Palace BBQ Buffet 

best fried thing i ever ate: krispy kreme fried chicken sandwich at the San Diego County Fair.
Sweet + Salty = I die.  (Honorable Mention: Chicken & waffles from Roscoes)

best out of state thing i ever ate: bbq sausages and chicken in Ostrava, Czech Republic

best food truck dish: Lobster rolls from Sam's Chowdermobile

best thing i could eat for the rest of my life: California rolls from  I think its the only thing that I can't get tired of. Whenever i can't really decide what I feel like, I find myself at the sushi section at the japanese market. 

 {Supplies from Mitsuwa to make our own California Rolls}

best hole in the wall dish i ever ate: Being a socal girl at heart, I gotta go with Pollo Asado fries from Super Sergios

best dessert i ever ate: it's a tie between Willow Glen Frozen Custard and Blood Orange Ricotta Torte from Extraordinary Dessert. Now, if I could just have them together....
 {Did I mention that I LOVE ice cream?}

{The best gelato in Vienna, Austria}

{Smitten Vanilla Ice Cream with almond toffee topping in San Francisco}

 {Black Sesame Ice Cream from Bitter+Sweet in Cupertino}

And a special shoutout to my friend Eileen....who i automatically associate with food. Some of the best meals I ever had were with her. But I'm pretty sure it was because of the company. And because she didn't judge me for eating the krispy kreme chicken sandwich. 

like Caro requested...PLEASE send me your list, so that i can go out and be filled. :)

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Eileen said...


On my bucket list:
To eat at every place you listed. With you. :)