November 9, 2011

Things I really REALLY love: HUGS

I started this post back when I was reflecting on the things I love. 
But never finished it in time to include it.

Yet this post is just too good to pass up. 

You can convey a lot with a squeeze. At least, I think I do. Whether its the "Tackle hug", the "Dogpile", "The Side Hug", "The smother hug", "Arms Only" , "Sandwich hug" or the "HUG OF DEATH", I'm not picky. I can appreciate them all. :)
I think that Shel Silverstein was really on to something when he wrote Hug O'War. 

And when I look at these precious photos, I can recall the exact moments that lead up to the hug. Some are friends that I've had for a long time celebrating a super happy moment (or even a really bittersweet one), other are hugs for just complete appreciation for who the dear friend is, as a person and how they've affected my life. Even more remarkable are hugs that have come after hard times, fights and then reconciliation between sisters. And still even more of these photos convey what I can't accurately say in words - how much I care for them. Honestly, a lot of these hugs and the photos that captured them are some extremely memorable moments in my life. 

Is that too much love for you?
It's just enough for me. :)


Petrina said...

hehe i was scrolling through this post looking for myself because i'm such a hug person that i'm certain we have hugging photos. awwww i miss you, Court!!!!! :)

Eileen said...

I personally enjoy the hug of death. :)
i know you do too. <3