October 31, 2011

Memory Lane: Fall Festivals past

For a creative mind like mine, Fall Festival (a halloween alternative at church) always presented me with the opportunity to become someone else for a day, and even better - create a whole cast of characters to join me in the adventure. 

I would spend weeks prior to the night shopping, painting, cutting and pasting back together until I saw my vision come to fruition. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking everyday things and repurposing them as costume elements. I'm not sure if it was fortunately (or unfortunately as we sometimes looked just plain CRAZY) but my friends would agree to to buy into my crazy and Disney inspired ideas so I would do my best to make it as cool as possible. That usually meant that I didn't sleep the night before but always, in the end, it was worth it. Each year grew in complexity and I can only attribute it to God that I kept my sanity.

While my mass production costume days are behind me (at least until I have kids, I'm sure), I have no regrets for all the time and energy I put into these crazy ideas. I have some really awesome memories from the past few years. And was actually able to make some closer friends through the madness.

And for all my friends are who are groaning and mortified that these photos have surfaced, don't worry...I won't ever make you do it again. :)

 The Incredibles! (2007).

 Alice in Wonderland! (2008).

 Toy Story! (2009).
{I didn't have anything to do with my nephew's costume but I loved having him at church with us that night!}

Have fun tonight and be safe!

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