October 14, 2011

12 x 12 --> 12 Things to Complete by 2012

So I've been a rut. 

Ironically it happened shortly after I concluded my "Things that Make Me Smile" series. A rut of bad, bad habits:  messiness, fast food dinners, losing important things (like keys, credit cards, receipts, bills), too much time on the internet, taking the elevator, running late....and I also had a growing list of good intentions that weren't flushing out into reality. All in all, this is NOT how I want to end the year. 

But thank goodness, inspiration came this morning, via Oh Hello Friend. Danni posted her 12 things that she wanted to accomplish before the end of the year in a list form, and good golly gee, I sure do love to make lists. I appreciated the invite to join in because goodness, I need to clear the cobwebs from my head and actually start doing things that are good for me, and good for those around me.

While somethings on the list are a given, as in they have already been planned, some of them are things I've wanted to do but more importantly, a few of them require learning. I'll do my best to update how I'm progressing!

  1. Finish reading A Quest for More by Paul David Tripp.
  2. Learn how to cook a steak and invite a few friends over for a steak and taters dinner.
  3. Plan and go on a roadtrip (Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo are the two top picks currently.)
  4. Deep clean and organize my desks at work and at home - currently driving me crazy!
  5. Move into my shared bachelorette pad!
  6. Take Caltrain into The City....and spend the day in the city exploring on my own.
  7. Find a flea market and go vintage shopping.
  8. I started a makeup portfolio earlier this year...I need to update it with more current photos. Or just figure out what in the world I want to do with it, in general.
  9. Speaking of makeup....deep clean and wipe down all my brushes, cases, bags and products. This one could take a whole evening, i'm sure.
  10. Bake a cake, from scratch. And if it doesn't turn out right, try it again.
  11. Walk for three miles without stopping.
    11a. Take a hike in the fall weather.
  12. Take a photo a day during the month of November!
After I started this post I thought to myself that it is a bit pretentious to think that you would care to read about my goals (like really, who cares if I clean my desk at work) but the important thing is....I would love to hear some of your goals! Let me know, in the comments below. :)

Happy friday...and Happy Autumn!

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