December 27, 2009

Crafty Madness continued

Not long ago (actually the week before my vacation) I participated in my first craft fair @ was pretty exciting!

Well exciting and kind of scary as well. What inspired me to put my handmade pieces out there?
It all started with my birthday present to Olivia (which you might remember me making here)

That first project was really really fun. Little did I know there was more to come.
Since Olivia was going to be a flower girl, Angela (Livy's mom) suggested to the bride (my buddy Elaine) that maybe I could make some head pieces for her flower girls.

So i multiplied my headband efforts by three and made very slightly different variations of silk hydrangea petals handsewn with pearls and gold beads in their centers for Elaine & Randy's cutie flower girls. Though I was running tight on time in delivering them, I had to take some photos documenting project #2. Macbook to the rescue!

Now, not about me but how about those flower girls?

{photos by James Lim}

{photo by orange turtle photography}

so I was really excited about the possibilities of making more pieces like this. Read on tomorrow to see what I actually made for the craft fair and what's currently available!

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